Pleated Filter Bag Cartridge...

Our pleated filter bags (PFB) are designed for high-flow capacity and high efficiency for liquid filtration. The inside-to-outside keeps the unwanted contaminates in the filter during change out. By increasing the surface area in a pleated format and utilizing multiple media layers, our pleated bags provide far longer life and superior dirt holding capacity compared to standard bag designs.
Our pleat-pack modules and core assemblies have thermally bonded thermoplastic end caps using a highly specialized, automated assembly process to produce robust assemblies that are resistant to bypass at the sealing areas. We produce end caps at our in-house injection-molding operation to fit a wide variety of vessels / baskets. Custom caps are available based on your usage requirements.

Size 2 (6.0” x 25พ”), polypropylene felt media with an FSI top
Size 2 “self-supporting polyester felt with an FSI top
Size 1 pleated filter bag assembly (10 1/2” long) with an R1 flared flange top cap. Also shown is our 6 1/4” O-ring (-435) top cap and 7.2” wiper seal cap.

Fluid Management Solutions has 35+ years of experience in the filter solutions. Talk to our sales representatives. We can help you with PFB solutions for your applications.

In addition to the size 2 (6.0” pleat pack diameter), we offer the smaller 3 1/4” and 4 1/4” pleated filter bag / cartridge sizes with these cap options:

Size 9 (4 1/4” x 26.25 long) with an R2 (top hat style)
top cap with attached felt gasket under the flange
Back left: Size P8 (4 1/4” x 15 5/8”) self-supporting polyester felt with R2 top cap and attached felt gasket. Back right: Size P8, micro-fiber with R2 top cap. Far right: Size P4, micro-fiber with R2 top cap. Foreground: P4 R1 (flared flange) and P4 FSI top cap options.