Founded in 2016, but we have 35 plus years of experience working in and around the fluid management and the filter industry.
At our parent company as injection mold builders and molders, we saw an opportunity to innovate and build standard and custom pleated filter bags to fill a market need.
Through our experience, we developed a manufacturing synergy, by product design for efficiency and design for manufacturing, forging relationships with top-tier filter media suppliers, and innovation in our assembly process.

We have a standard line of end caps of our own design, and manufactured in our molding facility in order to control quality. We’ve developed a unique and automated “non-contact” method to thermally-bond and assemble the tubular pleat packs into the end caps that eliminates the possibility of contamination. The results are reliable pleated filter bag assemblies of uncompromised quality.

We have a standard list of polypropylene and polyester media in non-woven, melt-blown, spun-bond, and mesh products, along with necessary accessories to produce your specific pleat pack assemblies. With our standard inventory of components, accessories, and media, we can produce pleated filter bags to fit most of the major manufacturer’s filter / pressure vessels, in 3˝”, 4˝” and 6” diameters and up to 60” long. Our standard media list covers but is not limited to 400um down to .5um.
Send us the specifications for your filter vessel and your fluid-to-be-filtered application, and we’ll provide you a solution.
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